Shima Foolad

PhD Thesis : Improving of Question Answering in Reading Comprehension using attention mechanism

Majid Ghafori
2016 - Current

PhD Thesis : Bimodal(Audio and Text)Sentiment Analysis Improvement using Deep Learning

Mahsima Esmaeeli

PhD Thesis :

Mohamadreza Babavalian

PhD Thesis :

Vahideh Monemizadeh
2020 -Current

PhD Thesis :

Nura Esfandiari
2020 -Current

PhD Thesis :

Arezo Hamidi
2020 -Current

PhD Thesis :

Hedyeh Aghabarar (2017-Current)
Co-Supervisor: Dr.Parviz Keshavarzi (Semnan university)

PhD Thesis : Using Reinforcement Learning in Spiking Neural Networks and Neuromorphic
systems for Pattern Recognition

Dr. Hamidreza Koohi

PhD Thesis : New approaches of Big Data Clustering in Recommender

Dr. Alireza Moradi (2013-2018)
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Yousef Alinezhad (Semnan University, Iran)

PhD Thesis : Transmission expansion planning and investment considering series capacitors

Dr. Behrooz Hosseini

PhD Thesis : Distributed Density-Based Clustering Approaches with Case Studies on Cellular Biological Big Data

Dr. Razieh Rastgoo (2016-2020)
Advisor: Professor Sergio Escalera, (Barcelona University Spain)

PhD Thesis : Accuracy Improvement of word Sign Language Recognition
using Deep Learning

Dr. Ali Fakhari

PhD Thesis : Designing a New Architecture Model for Deep Generative Networks in image Restoration